A Grander View (passion part II)

Maximum investment yields maximum returns.
This is true in economics, true in our daily relationships
and it is most true in our spiritual lives.

It is common for us all to temper our emotions,
to hold our heart at bay until we are certain of the anticipated return.
Most of us in fact, give to relationships the way the world has told us to give.
We give enough—just enough.
Enough so that no-one can accuse us of not trying,
enough that we will reap at least some benefits,
but not enough to risk great loss
or in turn win great gain victories.

This minimum investment,
though capable of yielding these minimum returns,
will yield ONLY these minimum returns.
Maximum investment yields maximum returns.
But I will not lie to you it also holds greater risks.
If this risk is not for you then neither are the returns.
If you simply desire to do enough
so that someone might mistake you for a follower of Christ
then minimum investment should do.
But—if you long to see and taste the abundant life
you must invest big and so—risk big.
I am here to tell you, He will cover your bet.

If your life is lived in a guarded state
you will not be touched deeply enough by love
to really mourn its loss.
You will have invested little and reaped little.
This is not passion.
Passion is of a different sort.

I offered little when I was mildly aware
of His surpassing mercy (love)
I offered things when I thought He wanted
only parts and not the whole (me)

He wants the whole, the passionate whole.
This passion of which I speak is the kindling and spark of deeper faith.
It means at times risking such things as our own comfort or safety.
Radical Christian living, passionate devotion includes
not just the teachings but also the PERSON of Christ,
not just the things, blessings or gifts, but Christ Himself.

If I have awaken in you those things you have buried,
if I have poked at your scabs, forgive me.
And if this climb, this passionate life, seems now so steep,
think how grand will be the view.
Josh. 1:5, Mal. 3:10, John 10:10, 1Pet. 1:3


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