In case you don’t know, Hudson Russell Davis is a lover of God who cannot contain (though sadly he has tried) the joy of his salvation. These writings are the overflow this joyfully received grace. If you find any writing fruitless…it is of MY spirit not of THE Spirit. God bless.

I was born on a small Island in the West Indies called Dominica and came to the US at the age of 8. We lived in Jacksonville Fl. for 8 months and then settled in Sterling VA (about 30 min outside of Washington D.C.) After High School I studied to be a graphic designer and worked 6 years doing that. I gave it all up (what there was of it) to go to Dallas Theological Seminary in Texas. That was a great growing experience. Now I am in St. Louis MO, working on a PhD in historical theology at Saint Louis University. I am in my second year and God has been faithful.

I love my God and his people. That is the sum of who and what I am. Everything else revolves around fulfilling these two great loves. I am most happy when I am closest to this goal and most distraught when I have strayed closer to serving my own self-interests first. I have a passion to see His kingdom come and to see more and more people praise him as he deserves. I want to be a teacher (though on a selfish level I love teaching) to see people know and love God more.

In the end, if I am nothing else than a porter in his kingdom, then I want to be the very best porter that this weak soul can be. I want to remembered not for who I am but for whose I am, not for what I have done but for what he has obviously done through me. But enough about me…

I have been transformed over the years from one who knew of a great God and feared Him with a deep fear, into a worshiper who loves him with a tender warmth. I still fear him because He is a consuming fire. I fear Him the way a sailor fears the open sea. Yes, it is respect, but it is also fear. It is a present awareness that to approach Him without due diligence, without proper reverence, is dangerous. I am certain my search began like most others, with the things I could see and touch, and I found a great deal in my search. The evidence is overwhelming and my conscience, captive.

I was, in the midst of my search, struck by this startling realization; that my steps were dogged constantly by a God who was pursuing me. Indeed it was his chase all the time. He the suitor and I the foolishly reluctant object of His affection. I now live desperately to adore Him. I dare say I have bitten off more than I can chew, but chew I must and will.

Over the years I have been blessed to study God’s word in formal contexts. I am a proud graduate of Northern Virginia Community College (AA 1988), James Madison University (BS 1991), Dallas Theological Seminary (ThM 2003), and Saint Louis University (PhD 2012).

I am the proud husband of one wife and two energetic sons. 

Playing Guitar, Tennis and more tennis
Theology, Literature, Music, Faith, people
Favorite Music:
Folk Acoustic (David Wilcox, Michael Hedges, Pierce Pettis, Phil Keagy)

Favorite Movies:
Unbreakable, The Incredibles
Favorite Books:
The Bible and Les Miserables. With these two life makes sense.
Favorite Quotes:
The value of Christ’s sacrifice was equal to His divine dignity, multiplied by His perfect obedience, multiplied by His infinite love, multiplied by suffering in body and soul carried to the uttermost limit of what a sinless being could experience. That is to say, in forming an estimate of the fitness of that sacrifice to satisfy justice, we must bear in mind from what a height the Priest who offered it descended, the spirit of filial obedience in which the self-emptied One fulfilled His ministry after He had assumed the form of a servant, the mind of lowly love to the sinful which brought Him down from heaven, and made His willing to descend as near hell as was barely possible; and finally, the curriculum of suffering through which He passed in His state of humiliation, terminating in the cross with its pain and shame, and gloom and desolation.

Alex B. Bruce, The Humiliation of Christ

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  1. Brenda, I am so honored that what I wrote met you. God be praised. I try to deal with the “how do we know” in the next couple articles. 🙂 You will just have to wait. If they do not help…write me again. 🙂

  2. I read the article you wrote “On Being Hindered”. I got part 2 and had to go back and find part 1. I couldn’t believe how much this article touched my soul. It was as if you were talking directly to me. My question is this … How do we know? I have such a hard time discerning God’s will in my life. Which obstacles do we try to overcome and which do we walk away from?
    Have A Blessed Day 🙂

  3. Hudson,

    I just got an article of yours ‘On being hindered’ via Crosswalk Singles and i sorta followed the path to your facebook page and eventually site 🙂

    Your writings are intensely refreshing and your thoughts on the issue of singleness are deep, far deeper than all the fluff on singleness and waiting for a spouse. It’s awesome that the focus is on the heart and our relationship with God, i love that it brings the focus back on God because He’s all that matters.

    Thanks for sharing your heart, i just found you, so i’ll be searching for and reading ALL your articles.

    God Bless!

  4. No Writers Block

    No Writers Block :Just stumbled on this site after posting a question/comment/seeking advice from crosswalk.com. Sorry for the long email :0) Had to learn alittle more about the author who now is know to me as a psalmist, poet and photographer…Tennis does not start with a “p”. So try Polo, or pool (billards don’t fit)
    Tis a cool site if I don’t say so me self! Arrh! My youngest daughter love pirate lingo.
    This is a great site. Perfect for one to stop by and get a truly satisfying drink of Living Water. Keep it coming. You made my Favorites. Cheers!

  5. You have a great ‘ story of my life’ on the website. One that many people cannot help but admire.

    God give you the strength and courage to continue blessing others with your very encouraging messages.

    God bless

  6. I just finished reading: “A Loss That Is Not a Loss-part 2”, Thursday, October 30, 2008-“Crosswalk Singles”;

    I am so tired of hearing that I should be glad I am single…while I can do a lot serving God-it still hurts. I am glad that someone else is not glossing this fact over too!

    God Is With Us,

  7. Hudson,

    I really enjoy reading your articles, which I have found on Crosswalk. I find it funny that I am also from Northern Virginia, attended JMU, worked in marketing and PR for five years in the DC area, and I’m now at DTS studying to become a counselor.

    Thanks for your encouragement to live a life revering God.


  8. Hi Hudson,

    It’s me again Georgina from the UK, just to tell you that I thank God for your life. Keep Christ’s light shining brighter, and keep touching lives with your special gift in writing.

    God is good all the time!

  9. It is always nice to see what JMU alum are doing. I’m from the class of 97.

    I received one of your wonderful messages in a Crosswalk for Singles and followed the path to your website. Great work! Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us!

  10. Your blog is interesting!

    Keep up the good work!

  11. I just want to say thank you for following God’s calling and sharing your gift with everyone. I don’t know you but time after time when I read your articles on Crosswalk.com I am encouraged, sometimes brought to tears from your honesty, faithfulness and devotion. Thank you again. Please now that you are touching lives the way I am sure God intended through your ministry.

  12. Hey Husdon, I just came across your site this morning. It’s great to read and find out what you’re up to these days. Marco & I would love to catch up with you and hear more about what you’ve been doing. Let us know your email, ok?

  13. I came across a couple of articles that you wrote and posted on Crosswalk.com, and I simply loved the messages you conveyed. I saw where they listed your website at the end of the articles and decided that I wanted to know more about your ministry. You have most certainly been blessed and anointed to teach the word of God (especially on relationships and being single), and you do it with such honesty, love, and conviction. Thank you for sharing the gifts.

  14. Rebbecca Williams

    Right now it’s 2:22pm in newberg,or and I’m about to read your artical ‘A Confession of Longing’ I in returen don’t know what to say I hoped my e-mail help you see and experience the manfold grace of God tords us and his agapa Love for us.

    Rebbecca Williams

  15. Rebbecca Williams

    Right now it’s 2:22pm in newberg,or and I’m about to read your artical ‘A Confession of Longing’ I in returen don’t know what to say I hoped my e-mail help you see and experience the manfold grace of God tords us and his agapa Love for us. I if you would like to e-mail you to talk more about how and why to you see the things you see in the beauty of the Longing of a life mate that god will bring in his time.

    Rebbecca Williams

  16. Hi.

    Yes as Debs says I stumbled upon your site recenlty and I have personally been blown away by your Stand in Christ and the words you write.
    My friends and I are truely encouraged by your passion for the Lord. Your posts have addressed literaly every part of my life. Sometimes as beliver we forget our first love and we end up just going thruogh the motions of being a Christian. After reading these messages that passion and zeal have been rekindled.

    Do you do daily devotionals we can subscribe to?

    May God continue to bless you for the lives that you touch even us out here in AFRICA. We will keep you in our prayers!

    Stay Blessed


  17. About two weeks ago my friend Rufaro came home with your article on Longing Like Starvation that she had sort of ‘stumbled upon’. We just had never had anyone put it that way and we were so blessed and encouraged by it for obvious reasons 1. We are passionate about God, the things of God and just what He is, has been and will be and two we just thought we had reached the peak of ‘desparate singles’ and at many a times could just not understand why. So at first I thought i was two years late but then again I know God’s timing is perfect, I had to read these devotionals now and I’m so encouraged and will stick to pursue that which I know, that He is Faithfull and to just trust Him even when there is so much chaos in my life, when my whole being is screaming something else other than what He has ordained for me and even when nothing does not make any sense at all.
    Just thought I should let you know that you have touched my life and it can only be thanks to God whose spirit operates in you. I am sold out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Hudson,

    I used to subscribe to your email devotionals every day a few years back and they were terrific.

    For some reason they stopped coming however Im going to get back on your mailing for the very same reason. You are one of the best modern spiritual writers Ive read.

    No matter how learned we become and skilled with words….The language of truth is simple. And for me gods word is the truth… And you do a fantastic job at teaching his word with your writings. All the best…. Thank you.

    Bob Tebo

  19. Hudson – Your website and writings are wonderful, I truely do enjoy reading them. It’s good to hear that you are doing well and following your dreams. As my direction in life has change significantly with my wonderful wife, 8 year old daughter and 5 month old son since our introduction through my sister Jennifer; The Lord has been good to me. Though new challenges arise daily and the Lord does test my faith. The Lord stood by me through the toughest time in life with the passing of my father and never would I consider for a moment losing faith. Your words remind me often of how much I love Him and how greatful I am to be a man of God.
    Take Care & Be Safe,
    Frank McDonough

    “Thank You” is the best donation a firefighter could ever get.

  20. George Tsakiridis


    Not sure if you remember me, but I am currently listening to your CD “Fire in my Bones”. Glad to hear you are at SLU. I am at the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago working on a PhD in systematic theology. It is tough, but God pulls us through.

  21. This is a wonderful website, Hudson! I love you and keep you in my prayers… keep writing. Courage!

  22. Hey Hudson,

    Very nice site you have here. Clean. Simple. Reinforces your message of renewing one’s strength in a chaotic wilderness we call life on earth. One of my favorite songs is about the blind man’s conversion by Caedmon’s Call. It’s off their first album. His voice of faith pierces through to the 21st century. Thanks for giving it a little amplification.

  23. Caleb "have you seen my other sandal" Hutcherson

    maybe you could make the prize one of those “free toy inside” toys from the cereal box. you still eat cereal, right?!

    to all who may arrive here after many wanderings, looking for the crucial piece of information “about” him so that you will really get a full impression to judge what he writes by…you’re out of luck. i did just pack up a folder with miscellaneous notes from friends. on the top of the folder was a copy of “Simple Man,” a tractate you wrote against all manner of complexity that you found in yourself. it was deeply encouraging. thanks!!

  24. Hey, Hudson. Well, I guess I can’t answer a phone message. But, when it comes to the Internet . . . And when there’s a prize involved, I’ll get right on it!

    It’s amazing how many times you’ve come up in conversation lately. In my new discipleship group, I find myself repeatedly bringing up things you used to do, say, and teach. In fact, there’s a certain bass-playing, song-writing former coworker of yours in the group who brings you up, as well (in good ways). And I recently noted to Sandra that the more reason you would have for earthly pride, the more humble you grow.

    Talk to you soon!

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