Your Old Suitors

Jesus’ proposal to us was made before jeering crowds
On a lonely hill under a darkened sky
For all to see.

He was naked, beaten and bruised
Nailed to a cross which tore into his back
Thirsty and longing for rest

It was in this public setting under these circumstances
That He proclaimed his love for us.

His was a public confession
How is it possible
That we should alone know him in private
And confess him in secret
When it has cost him so much
Why should it cost you so little
And how will others know
That we are no longer, “Available.”
How will they know that our beloved has offered to make us His bride
How will our other suitors, our former sin-mates
Learn of our new relationship
How shall they learn to fear transgressing that trust
How shall we the hand and the foot,
How shall we rejoice if what we proclaim
Is behind the back and undercover

And how should those who do not know our love
Come to recognize their need

If Jesus’ proposal to us was public
How can your acceptance remain private?
It cannot, it should not, and if it has
Perhaps this is why your old suitors
have not stopped calling

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  1. After experiencing, and still experiencing such great love, deliverance, and the gift of salvation, how dare we hide the evidence of such an awesome God! We must share Him with the world!

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