God With US

Without the incarnation we are alone in our plight.

We are left here as orphans to fend for ourselves.

Without the incarnation we might question that God knew

what it was like to be beaten to be hated and shunned.

We may doubt He knows what it’s like to be lonely and to be tempted to sin.

what it’s like being us.

Without the incarnation and the Word made flesh,

God’s words are mere distant commands

shouted from a place we have never been

by a being we have never known,

about things we are certain do not concern us

—words hurled from safe sterile boundaries.

And we have no reason to hope that He cares

or to take his reproach as measured by love.

If not for the person Christ

we’d have no faith worth talking about.

No reason or cause beyond just the grave,

No reason to think that justice would reign.

We’d have no reason to believe He knows what is best

or has tested His theories in life for Himself.

But we do have a God who is “with us.”

And the Word was indeed made flesh.

The suffering servant was crushed for our sins

and He purchased for us life by rising from death.

We are not left alone and His we know that He cares.

He speaks in the midst of our darkness and light,

because He in the Son was there at one time.

We have a comforter familiar with discomfort,

a friend who knew great loss,

a healer wounded to bring us reprieve,

a God who was indeed—WITH US!

Copyright(C)2010 Hudson Russell Davis

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  1. It’s still so hard for mere man to really grasp God walking here amongst his people…I can’t imagine Life without a God who Gives us hope and a Future ..and Has been where I have been and will go…Thank you for your writing!!!

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