The 40 Days of Lent

Come with me on a journey through the forty days of lent. It is not an invitation to glory, but to humility, not to pleasure, but to self-denial. I have written these devotionals with the idea of the number forty in mind. It was suggest to me by Ken Parker. “A great idea,” I thought. Please read and give me feedback in any and every way so that perhaps together we can make something truly valuable to many and ultimately glorifying to the Triune God. May we ascend to the Father through the instrument of the Cross of Christ enabled by the empowering Holy Spirit.

My goal is to publish this as a book for the next year/season. Right now I am looking for feedback on the idea and implementation. Does using the theme of forty seemed forced or does it work? Does the broader use of scripture (from Ex. on) still keep the reader focused on the lead up to Resurrection Day? Of course, grammar and style too.

Preface: Our Confused Affections

Day 1: Favor in the Eyes of the Lord

Day 2: The Return of the Sun

Day 3: The People of God

Day 4: A Time Of Cleansing

Day 5: In the Fullness of Time

Day 6: Meeting With God

Day 7: A Tempting Proposition

Day 8: So Long In Coming

Day 9: The Promises of GodD

Day 10: A Testing of Faith

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