After years of performing in Northern Virginia I was able to produce a CD of my music. There are four songs fully produced with a supporting band and backing vocals. Five songs are simply acoustic guitar with percussion and additional vocals. Three of the songs are instrumental. I have at last uploaded them so you can listen. I also have some left for sale.

The CD is $10 + $3.30 for SH (US). NOTE: Shipping and handling costs may vary. [quickshop:Fire in My Bones:price:10.00:shipping:0:shipping2:0:end]

My first CD: Fire in My Bones

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Far Too Seriously_(sample)

Lonely Street_(sample)


Dove’s Landing_(sample)

Crazy Tymes_(sample)

Lady Can Wait_(sample)

He’ll Be There_(sample)

How Could I Forget (sample)

Make A Difference_(sample)

I’m So Glad I Have You_(sample)

She Wouldn’t Say_(sample)

I thought you might also be interested in hearing a sample from a couple new songs.

Love Heals All Wounds_(sample)

Prince of Peace_(sample)


  1. Bev really liked it but I played for the first time at an IV talent night at JMU. Steph Bekhor sang and I played. 🙂

  2. Hey! I recognize that song “He’ll be there” – didn’t Bev introduce that to us??? LOVE it!! I want your CD – maybe you can bring it if you two ever come for dinner -?? Miss you, friend!!

  3. Really interested in this music. Is it possible to purchase the CD over the internet?

    God bless.


  4. I have been greatly touched by your writings. The first of which I received in the Thursday, October 30, 2008 Crosswalk Singles article. I know it’s a bit cliche’ but the way you write ‘speaks my heart’ in a way. It’s unashamed honesty and encouragement to seek the ‘one who made me’ is healing. I praise God for this gift He has given you.
    I too am interested in obtaining the music CD and am curious as to how to go about that.
    May God hedge you in, before and aft, where you are protected and directed purely.

  5. how does one purchase this?

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