We Need Not Shudder

If we have only evolved,
And no sin exists at all,
If we are all there is,
Then yes, we should shudder.

If the cross offered only temporary reprise,
And if sin did not truly die,
If life were not fully ours,
Then yes, we should shudder.

If God’s love were not so pervasive,
His truth not so transcendent,
If His mercy were not so comprehensive,
Then yes, we should shudder.


No, we did not evolve.
And yes sin does exist.
We are thankfully not all there is,
And so, we need not shudder.

The cross did pay once for all.
And yes, sin did truly die.
Life is now eternally ours,
And so, we need not shudder.

His love does the world embrace.
And His truth does time outpace.
His mercy does all things consider,
And so, we need not shudder.

His grace is greater than our sin.
His strength stronger than our weakness.
His promises truer than our fears.
And this, our anchor forever and ever.

Gal. 3:1-4, Phil. 1:6, Rom. 5:20

Copyright(C)2008 Hudson Russell Davis


  1. Just a note to say, Merry Christmas…I hope this note finds you well and comforted. Grace and Peace be with you and your family.

  2. i love how He works…a few days ago i had a moment where i certainly “felt I was all there is,” and i asked the Lord for confirmation…He confirmed my salvation and the right standing of our relationship, and reminded me that His forgiveness is not based on my being perfect/imperfect, but on His Son…your writing continued His speaking.
    how is life? i do include you in my prayers, and i hope that the Lord soon gives you the desires of your heart!

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