The Least of These

I pray to God I never outgrow my love for people. I pray He continually gives me a ministry to “the least of these.”  God desires that we care for the least of these. You will know them by their stature, or rather, their lack of stature. We know them by their weakness, brokenness and inability to return the favor. We may not know them at all, but their maker knows them as —“the least of these.”

After fleeing from Saul we read of David, “All those who were in distress or in debt or discontented gathered around him, and he became their leader.” Do you know anyone in distress, in debt, or discontent? I am in at least one of these categories daily. My maker knows me as the least of these. A great test to who I am is, do the least of these trust me.  Would they come to me in their distress?

I pray to God I never become so large in my own eyes that I am burdened by the disturbance of a child. I pray I am never overly impressed by the length of my own shadow. My substance, the who I am, must always be more important that the image I project. God forbid the shadow should grow taller than the man himself. That would truly be tragic. If I am to be the greatest I will be known as “the least of these.”

I wonder, if I were on the run, if I feared for my life, if I were living I caves, would the least of these come to me? I often choose the fastest, the tallest or the “best” player for my team, while “the least of these” await their call.  Would I have chosen David to fight Goliath? Would God have chosen me—the least of these.

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Copyright©2009 Hudson Russell Davis

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