No Great Mystery

I know not where He will lead,

the things He will ask,

how much He will demand,

by what means He will work,

or when it shall all be.

I don’t know what it will cost,

how much I must expend,

how deep shall be the pain,

or what I must suffer for His name.

But the unknown with Him,

is better than all I do know,

more certain than my frail wisdom,

more comfort than all my hopes,

more real than all I am.

Where cost is concerned…

I am certain His Deposit in me will cover the cost,

that what I expend He will provide,

and quite certainly His pain,

is sweeter than any earthly pleasure.

Consider for a moment who it is that speaks.  If it were just anyone, if it were the musings of a confused mad man it would make sense that doubt pervades our senses, but it is God who speaks.  God who beckons us to take up our cross.  No great mystery.

To follow Christ is to take up your cross.  It is to walk that long inglorious road towards the hill of the skull.  It is to stumble along the way and be cut by the splintered wood.  It is to arrive, too late for that crucifixion and be told, “Now, you must deny yourself and follow Him.”

The ground is bloodstained but He is not there.  The tomb is cold, but it is also empty and the only crucifixion left, is the act of obedience to the will of one who will call you to suffer for His name.  The only death left the Christian, is a death to self and self-interest.  Is He safe?  NO!  Can you trust Him?  YES!

Matt. 16:24

Copyright©2009 Hudson Russell Davis

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