He Made Me Beautiful

I dreamed one night that I received a guided tour through The Artist’s workshop.
Again and again I might hear him remark, “Isn’t it beautiful!”
And I confessed, “It is beautiful!”

“That mountain over there, why was it made?” I asked.

“Why, it was made for My pleasure of course.”

“And are You pleased with it?”

“Yes, I am pleased with it.”

“But it does nothing.
It contributes so little to life.
It can’t praise You and it can’t love You.”

“Oh, it does a great deal.
It allows the snow to rest on its peaks till spring returns.
It opens its caves to the weary animals and channels the streams.
It stands where I have placed it and bears the scars I have given it these many years.”

“I understand now why you made the mountain, but me, why was I made?”

“You were made for my pleasure of course.
The crown of my creation.”

“And are you pleased with me?”

“You say it with doubt bending your voice but I tell you, YES!
I am pleased with you.”

“But I am no great mountain, nor do I do such great things.”

“You are who I have made you and that is a great thing.
My Son died for you and that is a great thing.
My Spirit rests in you and that is a great thing.
I am also transforming you and that is a great thing.
Mankind alone of my creatures lives in discontent with his creator.
Yet mankind alone have I called unto myself.
They alone bear my image.
Now, come! Turn to me and see as I see you.”

I turned and I had to confess what I had not seen before, “Beautiful.”

“Yes, Beautiful,” He said, “I make all things beautiful in their time.”

Eccl. 3:11, Eccl. 12:13, Is. 52:7, Mark 1:11, Rom. 12

Copyright(C)2007 Hudson Russell Davis

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  1. Having a day of wandering worth. Thanks for reminding me where it comes from. Love you, bro.

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