Only by Prayer

“He replied, “This kind can come out only by prayer” (Mark 9:29). I believe they were sincere; the apostles that is. I believe they acted in sincerity. They came upon a boy possessed by a demon. The boy was in need and the father was desperate, but with all their training the …

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The Quite Understated Way

We all sat wondering why the choir had not returned from the break until the sound of their voices rose from behind the tall white walls. “Silent night. Holy night,” they sang, and the thick walls swallowed the sound of the ninety-person choir. From outside we heard only their muffled whispers. “Round yon Virgin mother and child.” And we all sat silent.

I wondered who had conceived that great illustration of the Silent Night. The power of the choir was not in their volume, but in their very understated position behind the wall—isolated, hidden, and yet still with us.

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