Love and Acceptance

I am working on revising some previous articles and, as usual, the process always makes me think. I wanted to share with you a paragraph I just wrote that had such the ring of truth to it. I am speaking of being single and longing for a relationship, longing to be married.

“I confess that for a long time I saw myself as a failure simply because I had not “succeeded” at this one great project. As I saw it, I had failed and was thus a failure. It took years before I realized that this was just a false link. Even then it was not an easy link to break. It took a while before I could stand back and say, “I like me. Yes! Despite the fact that I having this deep unfulfilled longing, I like me.”

This was important. This is important. I cannot count on any other human to like me. I cannot look for any other human to give me what I will not give myself—love and acceptance.”


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