Still Learning

I don’t like to constantly mention my kids or marriage in posts as that can sometimes leave some people out of the conversation. It tires me when someone becomes married and suddenly all their writings, stories, and insights are drawn from that one (wonderful and life-changing) experience. In the same way, when someone has kids, then all their stories become centered on their kids and the crazy/wonderful/insightful things they say and do.

Okay, all that aside …

The other day my son, who is fully potty-trained now, cried out, “I gotta pee.”

This has become the “Call to Action!” in our household. I yelled, “Go!” and ran after him as he sprinted for the bathroom.

We made it.

Now my son sometimes prefers to sit and sometimes prefers to stand. This time, given the choice, he chose to stand. I stood just behind him and watched him pee a steady stream first up, then down, then across. I screamed, usually a second behind, “Down! Up! Over! Down!”

When he had finished, there was pee everywhere.

“What are you doing?” I asked. “You know how to pee. It is all over the place.”

He lifted his little hands, palm up and shook them earnestly.

“I’m still learning,” he said.

Hmmm. Yes. That’s right. He is only three.

He is still learning. I am still learning and sometimes people have to clean up my mess, your mess.

May God give just strength not only to avoid these messes, not only to clean up well, but also to have mercy and grace with those who fail.

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