His Word Hidden

Few things make us more ready for life than having scripture ready in our minds. In this way we “hide” God’s words in our hearts that we might not sin against Him (Psalms 119:11). In this verse, hide means stow away. In this case it means to stow away or hide something precious in a very private and safe place. When we place God’s word in our hearts, we secure it for the rainy day, the sunny day—every day. We place it where it will ever be at hand, where it will be as close as our affections, our thoughts. There, in our hearts, God’s word is to become part of our blood, circulating to inform and influence every part of us. Then prayer and worship will come as easily as breathing.
It is not that we will not sin against Him. Memorizing scripture does not give us that. Having God’s word hidden in our hearts keeps his precepts, His commands, His will, continually in our minds. This makes sure that at the point of temptation we have direction, strength, and encouragement to stand strong and apart from sinful desires that “war against” our souls (1Pet. 2:11).

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