Summer in Saint Louis: Smelling the Flowers

It has been a very hot summer in Saint Louis, and I love it. Something about the heat feels good. 100% and I have the window down. I have spent much of this summer writing my dissertation and am closing in on the finish line. When I am not writing, I do try to look up to see the beauty God has placed all around me. We went camping a few weeks ago to the Mark Twain National Forest here in MO. There we enjoyed a rather cool three days. We camped on the edge of a lake and enjoyed hikes around the lake. Each time we were so impressed by the flowers God had seemingly hidden from view. It was obvious that few others ever ventured onto that path. We were alone and the path had been alone since last we walked there. I wondered, “Who saw these beautiful gems?” Well, God does, and that is enough. But, I took a few pictures so that you too could enjoy what God had hidden there.

I also took some pictures of the beautiful flowers surrounding our apartment complex. I was amazed by the intricacy of the sunflower. I was drawn to its swirls and swept in by its radiant colors. God is an artist and the world is His canvas. I can only hope to add my voice to the chorus of praises, “You make all things beautiful.

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