Winter is Beautiful

Being from the West Indies, I don’t often appreciate winter as much as some. I get cold quicker, and stay cold longer. But I must confess that winter two declares the glory of the Lord. After a brief period of very warm weather, we are buried in snow again. So, I went out to enjoy the scene. Here are a few of the shots I took.

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  1. What brings joy can begin to hurt at a point in time. The Love of God is life’s only constant; it cannot fail through the pains and is clearly revealed in times of joy. Thank you Lord for every season, they are not without a purpose.

  2. Cold is unforgiving. Although I want to see it’s beauty, i am pained, through to the bone, by it’s relentless chill. I am a true Californian, 60 degrees is cold to me. I love the SUN, the warmth it brings, is like a wonderful forgiving omniscient kiss and omnipotent hug from the Creator.

  3. You’re not the only one who gets cold sooner and stays cold longer. I’m cold in the summer in A/C cooled rooms. Hate cold!!!

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