In The Year That…(part 1)

In the year that King Uzziah died, I saw the Lord seated on a throne, high and exalted, and the train of his robe filled the temple” (Is. 6:2-3).

Memory often obscures the things that bring us pain or discomfort. The blessing of forgetfulness hides the pain beneath the shinier, glossier, pictures that speak of “the good old days.” Our minds pretend they were always good. Our minds forget that the “good old days” were filled with the barbs of life.

Two things appeared before Isaiah at the moment of Israel’s great national tragedy, when Israel’s king of fifty-two years had died. To the left was the human pageantry, the processional carrying the body of a king who could no longer mount a defense or lead with wisdom. On the right was an image of the “…the Lord seated on a throne.”

And even while they mourned the loss of the king who had served them so well and for so long, Isaiah was there to lift their heads. They were to remember that on the right was He who gave power to that King, He who gave wisdom and tact to that king. They were to remember the one who gave that king life and in time took it away. While they watched the king go by with all the pomp and ceremony befitting the passing of a monarch the Lord was undisturbed and seated on His throne. Rather than being impotent in a casket headed for burial the Hope of Israel was, “…high, and exalted.”

Copyright©2010 Hudson Russell Davis


  1. So true. 🙂 Would I have woke this morning if not for His breath? I don’t think so. Grace upon grace.

  2. So many times, as we look back, the “wins” and the credit we took for ourselves belong to the Lord’s intervention. He is always there with His grace even as we were there with our Pride. Do we not need to think hour-by-hour of what the Lord IS doing for us?

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