The Simple Entrance

It was quiet in the shaded parts of the manger except for the peaceful stirrings of the baby boy all had come to see. He lay there wrapped tightly in swaddling cloths, held close to his mother’s heart—a sign.

Creation took time to bow before that little boy who seemed so new and yet—was ancient. He was so small, so young, not able to speak or walk, and yet all things were created through Him. He could not feed Himself and yet He was the bread of life. In Him all things hold together and He is our life.

In the manger He who authored the play became its main character and that has changed everything.

Before the manger there was the Garden but before the Garden there was eternity past. Before the simple entrance into a bleeding world Christ Jesus had divine existence in glory untold. This He laid aside for us—in the manger.

One more powerful than the storms cooed to offer thanks and cried to communicate His need. One more awesome than the furious seas curled his tiny hand around His father’s thumb and waited patiently as He was cleaned.

It is no accident that He started where we started but He did not begin where we begin. His is an eternal existence with the Father and the Spirit. He remained God yet He came to be one of us—God with us!

We consider these things in order that we might better worship Him. And lest we conceive of our worship as belonging to a child alone, we confess that Child to be the Son of God who—in hearing our misery—has come to be with us.

John 6:48, Acts 3:15, Phil. 2:7, Col. 1:17, Heb. 2:10,

Copyright©2007 Hudson Russell Davis December 2007

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