But Mary Believed

Suppose God were going to do something wonderful and in His search for a vessel He came upon — you. Suppose He asked you to lay your plans aside and submit to His will. What if His will didn’t include your comfort but predicted discomfort? You would be mocked as an adulterer and you would have to stand by as your beloved son – was crucified. Suppose He came to you and asked you to put aside your plans for the “perfect” family in exchange for His glory and His honor?

It seems like a poor deal, unless you believe this God to be THE God and His plans to be “plans to prosper, not to harm, plans to give hope and a future.” Sarah laughed, Zechariah doubted…but Mary believed. I am at once out-paced by her faith and humbled by her obedience.

Mary received the angel’s pronouncement with a few simple words, “I am the Lord’s servant.” She was, yet this young girl was not being promised fame without cost. A sword would indeed pierce her heart. As it is, we are not used to acting for the glory or benefit of another. Selflessness is far from natural, while selfishness is the ruling norm. For Mary, however, it was about God’s glory, His praise, and to be used was blessing enough. The child, born to this young virgin, was to be the savior of the world.

Have you stopped laughing? Are you now waiting to place your finger in His wounds? Doubt is natural, but it need not cripple. Mary offered no conditions or amendments, no deals but only submission. Hers was an unconditional surrender, a God centered, blessed obedience with no exceptions stated. “May it be to me as you have said.” No, she is not my mediator, Christ is, but I will call her blessed and seek the same blessing of radical obedience. “I am the Lord’s servant.” Which will it be, laughter, doubt, or faith?

Prov. 16:3,9; Jer. 29:11 , Luke 1:38, John 20:25, 1Tim. 2:5

Copyright(C)2000 Hudson Russell Davis

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  1. Yet another inspired message Hudson. Thank you for being a voice in God’s kingdom. This article hits me right between the eyes. In the past I have experienced the laughter, doubt, and faith of the three you mentioned, but it seems recently I have moved toward anger. Now this isn’t something I say with pride, but with humility and repentant heart. Thank you again. May our God’s grace and mercy grant you the desires of your heart.

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