A Second Opinion

If ever we are waiting for an answer from God

and hear only silence,

it may not be that He is silent.

It may be that He has spoken and that we,

His stubborn children, indignantly demand

—a second opinion.

Perhaps we have heard but refuse to heed.

Perhaps the silence is not silence at all,

but deafness and disobedience

What God has commanded us we must do.

And if we persist in thinking “Impossible,”

we will never stop to ask, “How?”

We will never truly learn of, “Grace.”

He has so graciously told us what to do

and given us His own Spirit for the “How.”

But until we dare to embark

the journey will always seem too distant,

the task too great, and the hill is too steep.

Until we lean fully into God

we will never REALLY KNOW that He can hold us.

We will never know how weak we are.

So we never come to Him with empty hands

and humble hearts,

ready to accept anything He gives.

If you are waiting for an answer from God

and hear only silence

don’t listen harder, look backwards for the truth

you formerly disdained.

Perhaps it is not He who is silent.

Perhaps He has spoken.

Perhaps you have heard

and the second opinion is not forthcoming.

Because the first was loving and without error.

If you have heard God speak and refuse to heed

He may repeat Himself,

but He may not.

After all, if you would not obey the last command

why would you obey the next?

Obey now, and your hearing may improve dramatically


  1. I like the analogy of a battle. We do sometimes act as though nothing is at stake. We don’t feel the proper urgency.

  2. There’s a war on and we ARE soldiers in it; therefore, we need to begin thinking like soldiers: obedience first. God has no obligation to have a chat with us about what He has made clear in His Word. Let’s listen up! When will we quit treating the Holy One of Israel like he’s a doctor listed in the Yellow Pages?
    In the words of C.S. Lewis, “There is no neutral ground in the universe: every square inch, every split second, is claimed by God and counterclaimed by Satan.”

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