If We Do Not Trust Him

If we do not trust Him there are no wise choices at all.
There is only fending for ourselves—taking what we can while we can.
To me, this sounds too much like atheism.

And I am not an atheist.

If we do not trust Him then there is no reason to hope.
The Christian hope has its guarantee in a powerful God.
The Christian hope is a living hope.
Any other—is wishful thinking.
And wishful thinking is no more than a good bet.

If we do not trust Him there is no reason to bear up under the pain,
nothing to stem the approaching bitterness.

I think that most of us SAY we trust Him because it is what is expected of us.
How would it look if we said, “I don’t trust Him.”
Who but the truly bold would be able to stand near us,
reach out and touch us,
look us in the eye,
and tell us we are loved?
Only those who have wrestled with this idea of trusting a God we cannot see, touch or feel, and have come out limping but comforted.

I realize that if you do not trust Him
—none of this will make any sense,
—but it should.

Copyright (C)2010 Hudson Russell Davis

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  1. I love this peom (?), testimony (?)!!~~
    So many times I have experienced God’s love and HIs miracles, but many times still I fail to trust in Him. But constantly I go to Him despite my lack of faith because there is nobody who would truely comfort me. I find true comfort in Him and He is the one who can make me stand again and have hope.

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