Who Made Me

A daughter quizzes her father…

“Daddy, who made me?”
“God made you.”
“God made me?”
“Of course God made you.”
“But I thought mommy made me.”
“Yes, but who made mommy?”
“Her mommy.”
“Okay, let’s look at it another way”
“Your mommy bakes cakes right?”
“Where does she bake cakes?”
“In the oven.”
“Does the oven make the cakes?”
“No silly. Mommy makes the cakes.”
“But the cakes come from the oven, so the oven makes the cakes?”
“No! Mommy puts the stuff inside and turns on the heat and waits,
then we have a cake.”
“Well—that is sort of how it is with you.
Your mommy is the oven, but God makes the stuff,
—so God made you.”


“Maybe? What do you mean maybe?”


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  1. Very cute. 🙂

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