Passion (part 1)

This is the key—
not what I have discovered, but what I have been given
a willingness to be cut by the Word of God
an openness to being rent at the core
an almost wild craziness and desperation
for the coveted title of
“Man after God’s own heart.” Acts 13:22
This, I have found is the key to personal spiritual growth.

I have lived for too long with the stifling stale sameness
pushing and pressing all avenues
searching for the minimum standards of Christianess
how much I could get away with and still be Christian
how little I could give up and still make heaven
With this and all other relationships I have learned
Minimum investment yields minimum returns. Mal. 3:10

And in minimum returns the real loser is me
It is my spiritual atrophy and my anemic soul
It is I, malnourished and weak who suffers
from this self-serving bing
My poverty clothed, but not hidden

PASSION comes not as a wave to those sleeping beachside
But as an avalanche, overwhelms the mountainside
It accompanies those who with wild abandon pick up their cross
And without asking the destination chase after their Lord
PASSION accompanies honesty
Indeed it may be the flame lit by honest self reflection
And reckless submission to the Spirit’s surgical tenderness
No surgery is completely painless
But it is those who will wriggle least
Those who will ask for the whole cancer to be removed
Those who with fearful eyes tempered by trust
Will offer their whole body for the sacrifice
And accept everything their Father offers
As LOVE in any form

Give all, that you may gain all
What have you to lose?

“Jesus answered her, “If you knew the gift of God
and who it is that asks you for a drink,
you would have asked him
and he would have given you living water.”
John 4:10, Phil 1:20:21, Phil 3:7-11

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