The Single Life

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Here are some articles specifically on the single life—that is—the stage in life of being single. It may be in youth, or in age. It may be for the first time, or again. They are available here, and in book form with additional writings, poems, quips, and pictures. Thanks for reading and thanks for the encouragements.


Book 1

ISBN # 9780983445906


Introduction: The Heart Speaks

A Longing Like Starvation

Our Common Sorrow

A Confession of Longing

Content but Not Satisfied (Part 1)

Content but Not Satisfied (Part 2)

A Loss that is Not a Loss (Part 1)

A Loss that is Not a Loss (Part 2)

A Loss that is Not a Loss (Part 3)

The Most Unusual of Places

More Than These

The Distinction Between IN and FOR (Part 1)

The Distinction Between IN and FOR (Part 2)

Book 2

The Myth of Simplicity

Myth of Simplicity

(Some of these articles have appeared under different titles. They have been more thoroughly edited and enhanced.)

A Choice to Be Single (Part 1)

A Choice to Be Single

No Simple Answers

Wonderful Complexity

A Choice to be Single

To Advance His Kingdom

An Overflow of Joy

The Truth of Who We Are

An Invitation to Rest

Even in the Place of Waiting

A Thousand Reasonable Justifications

Book 3

On Being Hindered (Part 1)

On Being Hindered (Part 2)

On Being Hindered (Part 3)

On Being Hindered (Part 4)

On Being Hindered (Part 5)

According to His Kind Intentions

When the Expected Arrives (Part 1)

When the Expected Arrives (Part 2)

When the Expected Arrives (Part 3)

When the Expected Arrives (Part 4)

When the Expected Arrives (Part 5)

Of Things Expected and Unexpected

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  1. Hudson Russell Davis

    Shawna, you are very kind. I am married now, but have never and will never forget those days. I do still have a passion to help people and both with contentment and with turning all energies towards loving God EVEN in the midst. I pray he blesses you soon, but may he strengthen you now. God bless.

  2. I used to religiously read your articles over at Crosswalk…they were so encouraging. many years later, I am still single but still encouraged and I found this site, because I needed to share some of this with a friend. I pray you continue to inspire others to be content in the Lord.

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